Madeline in Paris Game

from Briarpatch



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What It Is

"In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines... The smallest one was Madeline." Through a book series, the character of Madeline has had many adventures: her appendix is removed, her dog Genevieve rescues her from the Seine, she travels to London with her friend Pepito. Now there is a new adventure for Madeline and fans of the books can take part in it. With the Madeline in Paris Game, Genevieve's five puppies are lost and kids must search all over Paris with Madeline to find them. Are they at the zoo? In the flower market?

Players move their Madeline pieces around the game board to determine which token to pick up. If you land on a gray space, nothing happens and your turn is over. If you land on a yellow space, pick up the token next to that space and turn it over so all can see. If you found a puppy, keep the token. If not, look at the picture on the token and find that character on the game board. Move your Madeline figure to the gray space nearest that character, and turn the token face down in the same circle as before. Players must use memory skills to find the lost puppies. Once all five puppies have been found, the player who finds the most puppies wins.

This game is great for promoting simple decision-making, memory and matching, visual discrimination, and social interaction. The game comes with four Madeline playing figures with stands, 15 game tokens, game rules for two ways to play, and a guide to Madeline's Paris. The game is for one to four players.