Mythbusters Hit the Target! Trivia Game

from ZimZala Games



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Science trivia goes ballistic in the new Mythbusters Hit the Target! Trivia Game from ZimZala Games. For those who have ever wondered if sharks really go for blood or if it's possible to sail a boat made of duct tape, this game will answer your questions in a fun and exciting way. There are 400 trivia cards for countless hours of myth-busting fun! Load the crash test dummy Buster (just like on the show Mythbusters) onto the experimental catapult. One player reads a question out loud, and everyone secretly answers using their answer dials. Everyone who answers a trivia question correctly, gets to roll the die and perform an action—put down a new target, aim the catapult, or launch the catapult to send Buster flying. If Buster lands on your target, you score points. After all the reward actions have been taken, it's the next player's turn to read a question. Gameplay continues like this until one player scores three targets. The game is for two to six players and includes a catapult, aiming board, Buster figure, 400 cards, 20 targets, four answer dials, a die, five elastic bands, and game rules.

This is a fun game that has kids and parents learning new things as they play. Just like on the TV show, some of the question cards deal stuff that would be dangerous in real life, so don't try any of it at home.