Mythbusters Science of Sports

from Giddy Up



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What It Is

You might have heard some crazy stories about sports—but are the stories true? Based on the Discovery Channel series Mythbusters, the Mythbusters Science of Sports kit will help kids determine for themselves the truth behind several well-known urban sports legends. It might seem that the outcome in sports comes down to which team has the most luck or which athlete has the most talent. While both of those things play a role, Science of Sports will show kids that athletes couldn't score a goal, hit a home run, or throw a touchdown without science. Locate the sweet spot on a bat. Discover how curve balls really curve. Learn how to rest and digest for added energy.

For kids who don't like science, but do like sports, this kit makes science fun for them through hands-on experiments using string, a mallet, a ping pong ball, a baseball, a rubber ball, a chart, a sticker sheet, a marker, a clear tube, face paint, and a stick, which are all included. Science of Sports also comes with an activity guide filled with experiments and fun facts. This sports-themed science kit gets kids to start using their brains and not just their muscles.