World Wrestling Entertainment Money in the Bank Ring

from Mattel


  • WWE Ultimate Entrance Stage
  • Create a WWE Superstar Triple H Gladiator Set
  • Create a WWE Superstar Kane Rocker Set
  • Create a WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Lucha Set
  • WWE Double Attack Big Show
  • WWE Double Attack Daniel Bryan
  • WWE Double Attack John Cena
  • WWE Double Attack Ryback
  • WWE Double Attack Total Control Takedown
  • WWE Super Strikers John Cena


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Kids can climb their way to victory with the Money in the Bank Ring, replicating WWE's memorable "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match. Recreate all the knock-down, high-flying excitement with a 20-inch retractable TitanTron, lights and sounds, and three action points to launch FlexForce figures (sold separately) into the ring. The playset also includes a ladder, speakers, and a briefcase with a contract inside, just like the one from the real match. While kids will definitely enjoy the playability of this ring playset, adult WWE fans will appreciate the authenticity of the ring. It makes a great toy and collector's item.