Jack Loves Toy Story

from Madame Alexander


  • Toy Story Woody Talking Action Figure
  • Toy Story Jessie Talking Action Figure
  • Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure
  • Toy Story 20th Anniversary Sunnyside Daycare Gift Set
  • Toy Story 20th Anniversary Andy's Room Gift Set
  • Slinky Dog Bunch-O-Bubbles
  • Tell Tale Toy Story
  • Talking Woody
  • Toy Story 3 Lots-O'-Huggin Bear Medium
  • Talking Buzz Lightyear


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Jack Loves Toy Story so much that he dresses like Woody. This eight-inch boy doll with blue eyes, freckles, and brunette hair, is dressed in a yellow shirt with a red and green window-pane check and blue denim pants, just like Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. The long-sleeved shirt features white felt circles (buttons) down the front and on the cuffs. The shirt is worn under a black and white "cow hide" vest. He wears a red-and-pink print bandana around his neck and a black belt with a brown holster around his waist. Brown leather cowboy boots that are detailed with red and brown stitching along with a brown cowboy hat that is embellished with orange stitching contribute to Jack Loves Toy Story's look. The doll also comes with a mini resin Buzz Lightyear figurine. The amount of detail on this doll makes it a great collector's item for older Toy Story fans.