Tarantula Planet

from Uncle Milton

Product Information

What It Is

Building on the success of its R/C Tarantula, the new Tarantula Planet line from Uncle Milton features four new sound-activated tarantulas, each with a unique look. Simply clap and watch as these "pets" (with light-up eyes) scurry across any flat, smooth surface with real spider-like movement. Tarantulas include Tango "The Solider", Red Beard "The Pirate", Octane "The Racer", and Spike "The Rocker". Beyond individual tarantulas, the Tarantula Planet line will include accessories to expand the line's creepy crawlin' action and excitement. Kids who are interested in spiders will love how these tarantulas are so life-like both in look and movement. If having a real tarantula as a pet is banned at your house, then the tarantulas of Tarantula Planet are the perfect alternative for young arachnid lovers.


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