Butterfly Collection

from Gemmy Industries



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Butterflies are beautiful creatures, but they often flitter away too fast for us to enjoy their presence. With the new Butterfly Collection series from Gemmy Industries (makers of Big Mouth Billy Bass and Frankie the Fish), the beauty of butterflies won't fly away. The Butterfly Collection series creates a convincing illusion of a natural butterfly through high-end animatronics and innovative technology.

Gemmy's Butterfly Collection is a series of mechanical butterflies in glass jars reminiscent of the classic Ball jars your grandmother used for canning. The "butterfly" inside the jar flutters and flies around the inside of the jar with true-to-life motion, giving the impression of a real butterfly, even when viewed up close. The patented technology (Yes, they evidently got a patent on it.) at the core of the product creates movement within the jar that appears to be truly random. The user may also direct the butterfly to flap or flutter its wings on command by tapping in a pre-programmed sequence on the jar or lid. Kids will enjoy the "magic" behind this item, while adults can fool friends into believing a real butterfly is in the jar.

There are four different species of butterfly to choose from in the first Butterfly Collection series: the Monarch, Yellow Swallow-Tail, Blue Morpho, and the fantasy-inspired Pink Morpho.

This is clearly a silly novelty toy that's good for a few laughs and an "oh, wow" or two, but once the trick is revealed, it's likely that people will soon lose interest. Still, this is the kind of product that Gemmy does very well, and you can't argue with their success.