iCarly Webshow Set w/ instructional DVD

from Playmates Toys

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  • iCarly Webshow Set w/ instructional DVD from Playmates Toys
  • Part of the iCarly brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 and up

What It Is

Kids can now imagine themselves on set with iCarly! iCarly, a live-action show on Nickelodeon, follows the life of 13-year-old Carly Shay and her best friend Sam Puckett, who are the stars of the iCarly webshow. Capturing the humor and style portrayed on the TV show, Playmates Toys' new iCarly toy line includes electronic roleplay accessories so tech-savvy tweens can relive the fun of the show and create their own webshows.

iCarly's Webshow Set allows kids to experience the true essence of the show by literally being on the set with the iCarly cast through unique "image perspective." More than 30 character and prop pieces are included. Use these pieces to create your own hilarious episode (use a cell phone or camcorder to videotape).

Freddie narrates the included DVD and provides step-by-step tips on how to create your own show with the pieces included. Bonus DVD footage includes a tour of the iCarly set on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, tips from Carly and Sam on how to create a webshow, and more than 50 sound effects to add to the webshow.

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