Bendaroos Creativity Center

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What It Is

Get building with Bendaroos, reusable, flexible building sticks made from colored string coated with a special wax. Bendaroos offer a unique way for kids to express their creativity and have hours of fun. Bendaroos adhere to virtually every household surface so kids can bring in unexpected elements to their building. Bendaroos are also easily removed and won't leave stains or sticky residue behind, which means no clean up is required. These building sticks encourage imagination and hands-on learning in children of all ages.

But it's not enough just to build. Displaying their creations is part of the whole play experience. That's the thinking behind the Bendaroos Creativity Center. The Creativity Center is a colorful platform that allows kids to construct new models, showcase their favorite creations, and store spare Bendaroos. The Creativity Center features a rotating plate, four molding and shaping tools, three BendaModels for easy 3-D modeling, scissors, and 100 Bendaroos.

Kids can visit for additional ideas, games, and activities using Bendaroos.