Tag Reading System

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What It Is

LeapFrog is revamping its Tag Reading System to make it easier for kids to use at a more affordable price—a full $20 less but packed with even more features. The new sleeker Tag reader form features an included title that lets kids sample pages and activities from across the Tag library, which is helpful to parents in finding out what kinds of themes and activities their kids are interested in so they can purchase other appropriate Tag products.

The Tag reader is designed to foster children's love of reading, making learning to read a fun, engaging adventure. Easy to use, amazingly responsive, and small enough for a child to take anywhere, Tag reader brings books to life with just one touch. A small, sophisticated infrared camera at the tip "reads" letters, words, and symbols printed on the special dot-patterned pages of products in the Tag library. Kids can use Tag as they begin their learn-to-read journeys, then continue to enjoy it as their reading skills grow, from hearing an entire story aloud to seeking help with individual words. Parents simply download books' audio using the PC- and Mac-compatible LeapFrog Connect Application, then sync content to the reader. It's easy to use, highly intuitive and worry free. Parents can also see what their kids are learning while they read with Tag. The free Learning Path online resource offers personalized insights into children's learning progress with LeapFrog products.

The 2010 Tag library will expand to include large, full-color, interactive United States and world maps. These are particularly good and immersive for kids whose natural interest in geography is enhanced and rewarded with fully interactive play and discovery. (The interactive maps are sold separately.) New game books take kids beyond reading into puzzles, games, word searches, and more. Also new for this year are Tag e-books, headlined by Nickelodeon characters, including Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Diego. Every Tag user will have access to the popular Ozzie & Mack title, and kids will be able to unlock additional titles through the LeapFrog Connect Application. This means that Tag books' interactivity will be available in "real" book and e-Book form, offering something for every child.