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Product Information

  • My Own Leaptop from LeapFrog
  • We recommend this product for ages 2 and up

What It Is

LeapFrog's playful green puppy Scout and his purple companion Violet lead children through an educational and interactive computer experience with My Own Leaptop. Kids can enjoy a just-like-Mom-and-Dad experience that combines role play with interactive learning reinforcement. My Own Leaptop is a kid-sized and kid tough laptop, but what makes it really special is how parents can personalize the play. Simply by connecting My Own Leaptop to a computer and using the LeapFrog Connect Application, parents can select a child's name so that My Own Leaptop says the child's name throughout play. Parents can also create personal "email" messages from loved ones that are "sent" to kids on their Leaptop. My Own Leaptop reads the emails aloud for kids. Custom music playlists can also be made using the LeapFrog Connect Application.

There are three curriculum modes. Alphabet mode lets kids hear letter names and sounds and see a fun animation with each letter they press. Music mode turns each key into a music-maker. And in Animal mode, each letter corresponds with a different member of the animal kingdom, with animations to go along with the sounds.

My Own Leaptop offers an easy-to-use interface for toddlers and great educational content. Kids will love the on-screen animations and the personalization gives kids the satisfactory feeling that this "computer" is their very own.


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