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Vampires have taken over popular culture. If you don't believe us, pick up a book, go to a movie or turn on the TV. From Twilight for the tween/teen/female demographic to TV shows such as True Blood for the older fans, vampires are everywhere. Including the toy aisle.

Vamplets, a series of collectible plush baby vampires, offer a fresh take on this obsession with vampires that's sure to be a big hit with tweens—and even some adults. These cute (Yes, cute!) baby vampires come with their own mischievous personalities. Cadaverson Nightshade builds creepy creations. Lilyrose Shadowlyn has a fierce temper if she's pushed too far. Count Vlad Von Gloom, descended from Dracula, is arrogant. Evilyn Nocturna is slightly mad. Burton Creepson, Jr. loves to fingerpaint with blood. And Midnight Mori is a fanatical leader with a bow in her hair. Vamplet owners can go to to print out Undead Certificates and visit the Nursery where they can watch sweet, yet disturbing, animation for each Vamplet.

If your baby vampire gets hungry, settle its tummy with the Vamplets Disappearing Bottle of Blood. It's filled with red "blood" and capped with a black baby bottle nipple. This mysterious snack disappears as you feed it to your Vamplet. When it's tipped back upright, the "blood" returns.

Additional Vamplets and T-shirts will be available soon.

With their dark humor and penchant for blood, Vamplets are not the kind of stuffed animal you'd probably give to a small child. Instead, these are more for the 10-16-year-olds who shop at Hot Topic and are totally Team Edward. Not limited to just tweens and teens, Vamplets even appeal to adults who enjoy a quirky, but cute, taste of the dark side.