Air Hogs Moto Frenzy

from Spin Master


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

One of the biggest R/C trends of the past several years has been miniaturization. But it's not just about getting smaller; it's about getting more performance, thanks to advances in technology.

The new Air Hogs Moto Frenzy takes micro radio-control motorcycle to a whole new level of performance and fun. This mini motorcycle catches air while performing high-flying indoor stunts just like kids' favorite stunt Motocross riders. With its built-in rear-gyro stabilizing fly wheel, kids can carve the sharpest turns, navigate the tightest courses, and always keep upright. Hit the wheelie button on the remote and watch the two-wheeler ride freewheel on its back tire. The included poseable rider figure lets kids create crazy stunts. Moto Frenzy requires six AA batteries, which are not included.

You get a lot of performance for the money, and while the age grading is for 8 and up, we think this is going to go way up. You'll see a lot of big boys making this a favorite toy, as well.