Glow Explosion Pop & Glow

from Crayola



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Supercharge your artwork with Glow Explosion Pop & Glow. This cool kit lets kids turn their art into fun paper shapes, such as a lantern, cupcake, pumpkin, or skateboarder. And most exciting of all, they glow in the dark!

There are 16 easy-to-assemble pop-out designs that kids can complete in a few simple steps: choose a design from a variety of themes (holidays, parties, sports), pop it out, color it in with Glow Explosion markers, and color over with the activator marker. Assemble the shape and watch it glow in the dark in radiant colors for up to four hours. These make great room décor items or fun sleepover activities. Enough material is included so it's great for several kids to do together.

The kit includes 16 sheets of Glow paper with die-cut pop-out forms, four Glow Explosion markers, an activator marker, and a blotter mat.