Presto Dots to the Max

from Crayola


Product Information

  • Presto Dots to the Max from Crayola
  • Part of the Model Magic brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 5 and up

What It Is

Earlier this year, kids added a new dimension to art with Model Magic Presto Dots. And now, they can take their Presto Dots play to the max.

Model Magic Presto Dots is an easy, fun way for kids to create unique characters with bumpy, 3-D textures. First, cover a body base with Model Magic. Press the Presto Dots tool into a flattened-out ball of Model Magic to grab a dot. Then pop it onto the body. It's that simple! Kids will be sculpting from scratch in a whole new way.

The Presto Dots to the Max kit is "max" because it allows kids to make six characters instead of two like in previous Presto Dots kits. Presto Dots to the Max comes with 13.5 ounces of Model Magic in six different colors, five Presto Dots tools, two mini Presto Dots tools, three body bases, three mini body bases, a Model Magic roller tool, a surface mat, and instructions.

Unlike other modeling doughs and materials, Model Magic air-dries within 24 hours (no baking in the oven or a kiln required) and kids can keep their creations forever! Kids love the texture of Model Magic as well; it's lightweight, easy to roll out and feels great in the hands. Most importantly, the material won't crumble or cling to skin and clothing, making for easy cleanup.


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