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What It Is

Far away on the mysterious Isle of Zooble reside hundreds of adorable little creatures, each with the ability to magically transform from tiny balls hiding in the unknown into cute, mischievous, and quirky little creatures called Zoobles. These characters are waiting to surprise you by "popping" open when you least expect it.

Spin Master has taken the mechanism behind its successful Bakugan line, which features magnetized transforming characters, and brought it into the realm of girls' toys. Zoobles are collectible colorful spheres that "pop" open into fun and cute characters when placed on their magnetized "Happitat." There are hundreds of Zooble characters, themes, and playsets to collect and play with, all geared toward girls.

Unlike Bakugan, there is no game, but these endearing collectibles are likely to be huge hits with girls. The "magical" transformation is adorable, and the detail of eyes, features and decoration are highly sophisticated.

Start your collection with Zooble Single Packs ($5.99), which come with one Zooble and Happitat, or Twoobles ($9.99), which come with two Zoobles and a deluxe Happitat.

Display your collection in the Rest Nest ($17.99). This holds and displays 20 Zoobles and transforms into a carrying case. It comes with an exclusive owl Zooble and a hot spot for transformation.

Explore the Zoobles underwater world with the Kelp's Undersea Playground ($19.99). Roll down the water slide and go searching for treasure in the Zoobles submarine. This playset comes with a sea horse Zooble, three play accessories, two hot spots for transformation, and a mini Zooble friend.

Razoo's Treehouse Playset ($34.99) features the Zoobles hidden world in the treetops. This is a home and play area for multiple Zooble characters. It includes an exclusive koala Zooble, three hot spots for transformation, a rolling ramp and swing, a vanity mirror, a hammock, 10 play accessories, and a mini Zooble friend.