Weebles Musical Treehouse

from Playskool

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Product Information

  • Weebles Musical Treehouse from Playskool
  • Part of the Weebles brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 1.5 and up

What It Is

After 30-some years, Weebles wobble but they still don't fall down. You gotta give them credit for consistency.

Now the classic Weebles figures are back in their original egg-shaped, wobbly form. Wobble them around the Musical Treehouse playset—and make them climb, slide, hide, and dance, too! Turn the handle on the colorful escalator to bring the Weebles figures to the top of the slide and send them spiraling down. When they land, fun music and sounds begin to play. Open the door to reveal a secret space inside the tree to hide a playful Weebles figure. Have a dance party on the wobbly tree house deck or take a spin on top of the lookout post. There's so much for kids and their Weebles to do in this playset! The set comes with a convenient carrying handle and two Weebles figures.

These are particularly appropriate for younger kids who can grab them, make them move and begin to understand cause-and-effect all while having a silly, fun time engaging in open-ended play. Three AA batteries are required but not included.


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