Pet Cakes

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  • Pet Cakes from Well Made Toys
  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up

What It Is

You wouldn't think that there could be anything new in the world of collectible plush, but Pet Cakes are a brand new concept that's mighty cute and very original. Kids love puppies, and they love cupcakes, but no one has thought to put them together till now. These small plush dogs have cupcake topper "hats" and they're very cuddly. When playtime is done put them back into their cupcake holders, and you'd never know there was a puppy inside. Adults may think this is a little incongruous, but it's just the kind of silly fun that kids love. The high quality plush and strong construction make these fun impulse toys or attractive collectibles. There are four different pups in the first series, including a poodle and a beagle.


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