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Who would have thought bugs could be so cool? Innovation First's line of micro-robotic Hexbug creatures features colorful robotic "bugs" that use the physics of vibration and a small, but powerful motor to move around. A Hexbug can feel its way around, sensing objects in its path and avoiding them using its bump sensor feelers. Kids can control where the "bug" goes and make it change direction with the clap of a hand or by making a loud noise. There's a lot of technology here, but Hexbugs are easy to use and fun to play with or carry around-they fit in the palm of your hand! This is an ideal toy for kids who love small things, technology and bugs. It's really the best of all worlds!

The Hexbug Nano is the newest addition and it comes with a cool feature-the Hexbug Nano can flip to its feet and zoom forward when turned on its back! There are a variety of products within the Hexbug Nano family. The Hexbug Nano Starter Set is perfect for a first-time Hexbug Nano owner. The set contains one rare mutation Hexbug Nano, two easy connect curved pieces, and one easy connect hexagon piece, so that kids can create a habitat for their Hexbug Nano. The Starter Set retails for about $14.99.

Hexbug Nanos are also available individually for about $9.99. Not only do they come in a variety of colors and graphics, but they also come packaged in a cool test tube-like container.

For even more Hexbug play, each Nano product is assigned a unique serial number and point value system so that kids can register their Nano collection online, hunt for rare creatures with the highest point values, play games, earn points, and learn about real scientists and their discoveries. This online world is a great starting point for introducing kids to science in a fun and entertaining way.


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