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When you don't have room to pack whole board games in your suitcase or backpack, card games make a good alternative. Hasbro's classic board games Sorry! and Yahtzee have been transformed into card games, and Hasbro has brought the classic French racecar card game Mille Bornes to its card games lineup. (And you don't have to be going anywhere to have fun with these games-they make a great, low-cost/high play value addition to any family game night.)

In Sorry! Revenge, players turn over numbered pawn cards and keep track of their score. The object of the game is to get "home" by collecting cards that add up to 21. But you've got to act and add fast in order to win. This is a great game for kids who are just learning basic addition, as well as older kids, and adults, who need a refresher.

Try your luck and apply your Yahtzee strategy in Yahtzee Hands Down. Players try to create traditional Yahtzee dice combinations-three of a kind, four of a kind, etc.-on cards! Discard cards you don't need and take a chance on getting cards you do. With no dice to lose, this card game is perfect for take-along fun.

Mille Bornes, French for "1,000 milestones" and pronounced "meel born", is a card game where players traverse an imaginary road complete with flat tires, accidents, and empty gas tanks. As long as you can avoid the road hazards, and play hazard cards on other players, you'll be rolling along toward the 1,000-mile goal. The player with the most points after someone has reached 1,000 miles wins!

These card games come in a "snackable" play format, which means they're easy to learn and don't take a lot of time to play. Whether you play a few hands or spend an entire evening, these are great games to get people interacting and enjoying one another in the way that's unique to games.