Pet Care Center

from Baby Genius


Product Information

  • Pet Care Center from Baby Genius
  • We recommend this product for ages 2 and up

What It Is

With Baby Genius, music makes a difference! Baby Genius is a musical "edu-tainment" brand for preschoolers that offers gender-neutral, child-friendly content along with nurturing and stimulating play patterns.

With the Pet Care Center, kids will enjoy taking care of a plush puppy named Melody. They can feed her, listen to her heart, and trim her nails-all pretend play, of course. Music is incorporated via the pet carrier. When kids open the pet carrier door, Melody's playful theme song plays! The Pet Care Center comes with a variety of accessories that help kids take care of Melody, including a water bowl, stethoscope, and cans of pretend dog food. Everything easily stores inside the carrier.

Children love animals, and learning to care for them is an important step. This set can help them to understand what's involved in that, while adding a great level of play. The addition of music creates an interactive and entertaining play experience that will have kids singing and dancing as they participate in nurturing play. And the repetition of hearing a familiar song can help build vocabularies and speech patterns.


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