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What It Is

By now, everyone has heard about phonics and how mastering phonics helps kids learn to read. Now there's a new phonics-based learn-to-read system out on the market-Flipping for Phonics. This three-tiered system, hosted by Flip the Monkey, consists of a unique six-column Phonics Flip Book, music CDs, and storybooks that come together to offer a simple solution for learning to read based on the method of incorporating phonics into the learning process. Phonics involves connecting the sounds of the spoken language with the visual of printed letters or groups of letters, thus forming words. Flipping for Phonics combines this system of learning with easy-to-use tools that help children, and even adults, learn to read in a fun way!

The Flipping for Phonics three-tiered system features a six-column Phonics Flip Book, which begins with a series of real life pictures representing pure phonetic sounds that correspond to each letter of the alphabet. Once the new reader is familiar with each sound, he advances to the next section of the book, which consists of six cascading tiers of letters. This section allows users to flip through the alphabet to create up to 2,000 different words up to six letters long.

The second component is Flip the Monkey's Storybooks that combine simple word families with illustrations and characters with which young readers can identify. These stories will hold a child's interest and, as a result, help the child to retain the content. By creating stories that are made up of words from the same word family (such as hot, pot, dot, and not), children easily see and comprehend what they are reading.

Flipping for Phonics' collection of musical CDs entertains children with fun songs that include words that correspond to the Flipping for Phonics storybook series. Readers can follow along with the song, singing each sentence aloud straight from the books featuring Flip the Monkey. Especially appropriate for young pre-readers, these timeless songs help develop children's auditory learning, as their listening skills are enhanced by the different rhythms of each song.

There are two different kits available: Flip's Need to Read Package 1 comes with a Phonics Flip Book, instructional DVD, Flip's Book I with six stories, Flip's Tunes I CD with six songs, and reward stickers. Flip's Next Set to Get Package 2 includes Flip's Book II with seven stories, Flip's Tunes II CD with seven songs, and Flip's Coloring Book.

This system is consistent with the way that phonics are generally taught in school. This system will work best with the active involvement of a parent or caregiver to reinforce the learning process.