The Munchables

from Namco/Bandai



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What It Is

What It Is

The company that introduced the world to Pac-Man has a new game for us to sink our teeth into, called The Munchables. This game is wacky Japanese fun at it's best and follows the story of Don Onion-a walking, talking, evil onion-who leads a band of space pirates on an invasion of a peaceful planet populated by a group of small creatures with voracious appetites know as the Munchables.

You will play through the game as two of the Munchables-Munchy, a cute, pink, tailed ball or Chomper, a horned, orange blob-as you set out to defeat all of Don Onion's pirates by eating them. With each pirate you eat, your character will grow stronger and larger, enabling you to eat bigger pirates. The game is divided into eight worlds, each with three levels comprised of two free-roam and one boss-battle stage. At the end of each world, your score is tallied by your Munchable character expelling all the pirates consumed during the level. I told you it was wacky.

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