EA Sports Voice Command Quarterback

from Toy Island



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The EA Sports theme, as most video game players know, is "In the Game!" Now that excitement bursts off the screen and into the living room with a challenging and engaging game that young kids love-but that adults have a hard time taking their hands off.

The Voice Command Quarterback unit features an inflatable target on a stand and two foam footballs. When assembled, the unit looks like a large, flat panel TV. When the stand is filled with sand or water, it's very stable. And that's a good thing because to play, kids call "hike" and then have to hit one of the targets with a pass. The three game modes and three levels increase in speed and difficulty as players get more adept, and the built-in sensors keep track of speed, accuracy, and timing.

The item has tested very well with kids who quickly created their own games and challenged one another. In addition by varying the distance they stood from the target, kids were able to make the games more or less challenging. Simple, yes, but the sound effects and the variety kept them playing for a long time-and coming back to it again and again. The unit is easy to assemble-and easy to store.