Trio King's Castle

from Fisher-Price



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Fisher-Price's Trio building system is specially designed to make building easier for even the smallest of hands. Three "grow with me" building levels make building a snap. Kids can feel and hear the click when they've connected the building pieces and the pieces will stay together throughout play, only coming apart when kids are ready to take them apart. Each set can be built and rebuilt in a variety of ways, letting kids build whatever they can imagine! And the pieces from the different sets can be mixed and matched for even more imaginative building.

Kids can build a world of castle adventure with the Trio King's Castle bricks, sticks, and panels! The action panels enable kids to create their favorite scene by changing the card panel images. Other features include a working drawbridge, break-away panel, catapult/battering ram, cross-bow, fire-ball dump, cannon, six figures, and a horse. This 213-piece set enables kids to engage in creative, open-ended play.