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Here's one of the reasons we think this is such an innovative product: It's a creative use of technology that's already in the home-and that kids are comfortable with using. In this case, your computer and inkjet printer.

This product has tested remarkably well, opening up a lot of creativity and engaging kids for hours in creative play as kids design, make, and display their unique creations. Printies Design Studio kits are affordable at-home activity kits that allow kids to take their online design creations offline like never before. Using your home computer (PC only), inkjet printers, and special Printies fabric sheets, kids can bring their online designs to life as soft, 3-D collectible stuffed toys! No sewing, gluing, or mess involved!

The process is simple: Design online at (a safe, secure COPA compliant site), print on both sides of the Printies fabric sheets using any inkjet printer, tear along the perforated shape, and pop out the Printies design! Then stuff it and put it on display. The online studio features thousands of design tools and art elements to help kids design their Printies. The site includes quick-start templates, a sketch book, design inspiration, online tutorials, and more! It's so easy for kids to use and get creative!

Each Printies Design Studio kit includes everything needed to make six complete stuffed Printies. There are five Printies fabric sheets with pre-sewn templates, stuffing materials, an ergonomic Printies stuffing tool, six stands to display the Printies, a Printies sticker sheet, and 10 printer test sheets with instructions to ensure accurate printing. Printies come in three themed activity kits-Pets, Ocean, and Jungle-ensuring that there are Printies for everyone! Refill packs for each of the themed kits are also available.

The whole process is easy for kids to work, and parents will be happy to know that the printing uses no more ink than printing color on a piece of paper. There are also test sheets that kids can use to make sure that their creation will come out exactly right when the fabric goes through the printer. We were impressed by how easy this is to use, and in particular about how creative the girls we played with got as they developed their creations. Given the vast number of options at and such elements as the ability to add your own photos or text, the options for creativity are virtually endless.