Stacking Quartet

from HABA


  • Sand Glove Dinosaur
  • Mixer Set
  • Grill Set
  • Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game
  • Discover the Building Blocks Technics - Basic Pack Vehicles
  • Expedition Dino
  • Henry HABA Strong


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

This soft, beautifully designed stacking toy will provide any inquisitive child with hours of enjoyment. The toy is very simple, yet it contains so many different things that are colorful, shiny, squeaky, crinkly, soft, fuzzy, and delightful! Kids will never run out of things to do. Each piece offers a different experience to the child, from a piece that rings like a bell to a squeaking piece.

The Stacking Quartet demonstrates size concepts to children, as well as helps them master fine motor skills as they grasp and stack the cone-shaped items. However it's best for the kind of open-ended exploration that babies naturally do. There's lots to stimulate their curiosity and allow them to explore. Made of soft material, this toy is appropriate and easy to use for babies 10 months and up.

The Stacking Quartet is an attractive alternative to hard plastic stacking toys and a lovely addition to the nursery for its delight alone-as well as a new twist on the classic play pattern of stacking toys.