Fundex Games Barbie Line

from Fundex

Product Information

  • Fundex Games Barbie Line from Fundex
  • Part of the Barbie brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up

What It Is

Looking for new ways to play with Barbie? Fundex Games' line of Barbie card games provides new fun-filled play experiences! Barbie girls will enjoy playing Barbie Stylin' 6's where sixes are wild and gameplay is like Crazy 8's (only with sixes).

The Barbie Go Shopping Card Game is the Barbie version of the classic card game Go Fish. Girls draw cards from other players in hopes of gaining matching sets, but if they request a card that an opponent doesn't have, they're told to go shopping!

What's In My Bag? has players racing to match up different pieces of Barbie and her friends' outfits. The player with the most complete outfits wins!

Girls will love the Barbie twists added to some of their favorite, classic games. These easy-to-play games are also easy to take on the go and provide great play value. (Mom and grandma can play, too, as they are most likely familiar with the original games on which these are based.)

They'll also make the perfect stocking stuffers for any Barbie girl!


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