Kamen Rider Deluxe Rider and Figure Sets

from Bandai America



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What It Is

Bandai's Kamen Rider Dragon Knight toy line empowers boys to imagine that they are able to defend the world from General Xavias, an evil warlord in a parallel dimension. Inspired by the TV series, the toys capture the action-packed elements and bring the adventure of Kamen Rider home.

Throughout the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight TV show, Dragon Knight and Wing Knight rely on their cycles to battle against General Xaviax and his army. Now kids can play out their own adventures with the same cycles as seen on the show! Each Kamen Rider bike includes a four-inch Rider figure and features either red or blue illuminating LED lights. Kids can create a custom look by attaching the translucent special effect pieces to the bike.

Each Deluxe Figure Set includes a four-inch Rider figure in civilian mode and their corresponding Kamen Rider Contract Beast. With the Dragreder, Black Wing, and Magnugiga Contract Beasts with civilian figures, kids can create their own Kamen Rider adventures! The Contract Beasts attach to the four-inch collectible Rider figures to create unique and dramatic attack poses!