Bakugan Gauntlet

from Spin Master


  • Bakugan Colossus
  • Bakugan Battle Arena


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What It Is

Last year the Bakugan game and TV show was a huge hit with boys. In fact, Bakugan was one of the top-selling boys' brands, and it shows no sign of letting up. Now, just in time for the show's second season New Vestroia, exciting new Bakugan toys are giving boys new ways to play out the action from the show.

The Bakugan Gauntlet is an ingenious roleplay item that transforms just like in the TV show. Push a button on the top to flip out the cardholder, which holds up to six Bakugan playing cards. This device also contains a calculator with an LCD screen to help younger players with the math skills needed to more easily play the Bakugan game. Featuring lights and sounds, the Bakugan Gauntlet also includes three Ability Cards.