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  • Butterfly Yo-Yo


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What It Is

The Original Wiz-z-zer is back on top! Forty years after it was the must-have toy of the season, these friction-powered tops are being relaunched for a new generation of players and collectors. Duncan has updated the look of these collectible, high-performance tops with colorful, high-tech, robotic characters stylized as frightening man-eating dinosaurs, terrifying insects, and courageous ninja warriors. The characters engage in head-to-head combat in a classic game of Battling Tops. And when a Wiz-z-zer is placed in its molded base, it gives its character a powerful presence!

The Black Belt accessory is placed on the top in battle against enemy ninjas and creatures. The Black Belt, a rubber-like band stretched across the center of the top for added friction, signals that its Wiz-z-zer has a high level of competence in battle!

Wiz-z-zers are fun, fast, and can defy gravity! To get them going hold them at an angle and run the rubberized tip on the floor. The friction-powered motor stores the energy and uses it to drive the top. Using the trick stand, trick tips, and ordinary items, Wiz-z-zers will perform a limitless number of incredible tricks, such as Finger Balance, Tightwalk Walk, Sideways Spin, Tilt 'n' Turn, and Daring Double Stack. And don't forget-practice makes perfect. Younger kids might need more time understanding how the Wiz-z-zer works, but once they get the hang of it, they'll never want to stop the top!