Movie Motion

from Tech 4 Kids



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What It Is

Turn any room into a movie theater with Tech 4 Kids' Movie Motion! This cool handheld movie projector plays episodes of kid's favorite TV shows, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Ben 10, and Bakugan, on any flat surface. The movie projects bright colors and big pictures (up to 48 inches) with real sounds! With the Action Control Crank on the side of the projector, you can control the speed of the movie. Go forward, backward, or slow down to see your favorite scenes! Each Movie Motion includes a demo reel. Additional movie cartridges are sold separately. This is classic play and parents-or even grandparents-may remember the huge hit that was Kenner's Give-A-Show Projector in 1960, long before the days of home video. Still, nearly 50 years later, kids love running the show.