Chimp and Zee Pesky Pirates Game

from Pressman Toy



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What It Is

The new line of Chimp and Zee games have been designed to foster learning while kids play. From reinforcing basic skills to enhancing social interaction, categorization, memory, and more, these games are different from many other games we've seen that are skill-based...because they're actually fun, and kids will want to play them again and again. And that's where the learning comes in. Best of all, parents and adults will have just as much fun playing along with kids.

Embark on exciting pirate adventures in the Pesky Pirates Game! As you move your pirate along the island game board, you might land on a gold coin. When that happens, put the gold coin into your treasure chest! During the game you may have to give coins to Jolly Roger and his parrot, but toward the end of the game, you might get their pile of coins for yourself! When all the coins have been taken, the player with the most coins wins! The game comes with a game board, four treasure chests, 36 plastic coins, a spinner card, a spinner, four movers, a parrot mover, a Jolly Roger mover, five mover stands, and rules. Pesky Pirates is for two to four players.