Giraffalaff Limbo

from Hasbro


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Giraffalaff Limbo is the crazy new game of "how low can you go?" Spin the dial to try one of the six limbo styles: classic, crabwalk, crawl, giraffe walk, forward, or backward. The game's built-in sound system will play an encouraging song as preschoolers try not to bump into Giraffalaff. If Giraffalaff is knocked over, he'll roll on the floor in laughter. The player that passes under Giraffalaff at the lowest level wins. The game is for two or more players.

This fun game is a great way to keep preschoolers active and helps increase their flexibility. It's also a great way to teach kids how to take turns, as only one player can attempt to go under the limbo bar at a time. Kids will love trying to go lower and lower, but even if Giraffalaff gets knocked over, kids will love laughing along with him!