Skelanimals Plush

from Jakks Pacific



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What It Is

Skelanimals are the hottest and hippest new characters to hit the toy aisle! Based on the popular hipster brand of adorable animals that have met an untimely demise, Skelanimals products include a variety of plush that highlight each character's unique and loveable personality. This is definitely kid humor because although the animals are cute, each of them has died doing something stupid, but they're still just as sweet as can be, in a kid-friendly, macabre kind of way.

The Skelanimals Small Collectible Plush make great cuddly companions, and their quirky personalities will have you wanting each one! The first collection includes five of the most popular animals-Dax the Dog, Kit the Cat, Marcy the Monkey, ChungKee the Panda, and Jack the Rabbit.

With the Animal Hooded Plush, Skelanimals come dressed up as their favorite animal friends! Nothing is more adorable or funny than your favorite Skelanimals playing pretend. Collect Jack as the fuzziest pink bunny, ChungKee as a loveable brown bear, or Kit as a fashionable pink leopard.

The Large Plush are cute, dark, and cuddly-and in the largest size yet! Collect all three characters: Dax the Dog, Kit the Cat, and Marcy the Monkey. Fall in love with the three sweetest characters in their traditional colors and form.

These unique stuffed animals are perfect gifts for fashion-forward teens or adults with a sense of humor! We don't pretend to know exactly why kids find these so appealing, but they do. And so do we by the way. Perhaps it's something about the balance of the sweet, the gruesome and the ironic.