Transformers Movie Constructicon Devastator

from Hasbro

Product Information

  • Transformers Movie Constructicon Devastator from Hasbro
  • Part of the Transformers brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 5 and up

What It Is

There's a new Decepticon enemy, and it's coming to living rooms near you! The Constructicon Devastator is one of the most powerful Decepticons and the largest foe the Autobots will encounter in this summer's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In the movie, Constructicon Devastator walks in a four-legged fashion, resembling a gorilla. Devastator is actually several vehicles (called the Constructicons)-Scavenger, Scrapper, Hightower, Overload, Longhaul, Rampage, and Mixmaster-in one giant robot, making it 100-120 feet tall! While the Constructicon Devastator figure isn't as large as its movie counterpart, it still packs a punch for Transformers fans who want to recreate the film's awesome action sequences!
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