Hannah Montana: The Movie

from Disney Interactive



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What It Is

What It Is

Don't let the title of this review confuse you, today I'm reviewing Hannah Montana The Movie: the video game. You have probably already figured out that this is the video game based on the Hannah Montana movie (in theaters April 10, 2009). The game puts players in the shoes (more on the shoes later) of Miley Stewart and her pop-star, alter ego, Hannah Montana, as they explore familiar scenes and experiences from the movie.

Why It's Fun

The game combines the elements of Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band that kids love - singing, dancing, playing instruments - while immersing players in the secret dual life world of Hannah Montana.  Just like the movie, players will take to the stage and perform for screaming fans as Hannah Montana and they will get to explore the life in Tennessee that Miley left behind.

Hannah Montana The Movie is a real treat for fans of the movie because it allows them to go beyond the movie as they compete in mini-game style challenges. The challenges unlock new songs and stages for the performances plus items that can be used to create unique looks for both Hannah and Miley. I mentioned shoes earlier because they are just one of the many accessories that players can scroll through in a virtual closet as they design outfits for Hannah and Miley.

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