Bendaroos 500-Piece Mega Set

from Bendaroos



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What It Is

Let out your inner artist with Bendaroos, the flexible building sticks. Bendaroos are super strong wax strings that give children hours and hours of mess-free fun. You can draw with Bendaroos. Make animals, buildings, and more. Transform ordinary items into works of art. Decorate windows, picture frames, and more! Bendaroos stick and stay together without leaving stains! Simply unbend Bendaroos to use them again and again. With 500 pieces, 250 in rainbow colors and 250 in neon colors, Bendaroos are built to last. The set includes a Bendaroos fun guide with an assortment of imaginative activities that kids of all ages can make. Plus Bendaroos are a super learning tool, giving kids lessons in patience, project skills, and follow-through. Bendaroos are a unique activity item because once kids build, draw, or transform one thing, they can unbend the Bendaroos and start over to make something completely different. The reusability factor adds to Bendaroos play value. Moms don't have to worry about kids making a mess because Bendaroos don't require glue or anything else. Kids just use their hands and their imaginations to create!