Blaster Board Liquidator

from Prime Time Toys


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  • Splash Bombs Disc
  • Tidal Storm Battle Gear


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What It Is

Move over Marco Polo! There's a new pool time playtime favorite in town that's going to inspire all kinds of creative play. The Blaster Board Liquidator is a water blaster, kickboard, and shield all in one! Kids love to float on anything in the pool and the Blaster Board is the perfect fit. To turn the board into a water blaster, just pull back on the handle to fill and blast water up to 30 feet. Hold it up as a shield to deflect incoming water blasts. For fast-paced action, the Blaster Board will bring water-drenching fun to a new level.

When your kids are playing in the pool, make sure there is adult supervision, and make and enforce specific rules about behavior in and near the pool.