Tony Hawk HuckJam Series Subskate

from SwimWays


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

With official Tony Hawk HuckJam designs, the Tony Hawk HuckJam Series Subskate is an easy-to-use pool toy that takes skateboarding to a new level-underwater. That's right, kids place their feet on the boards, just like traditional skateboarding, but the buoyancy of the skateboard allows them to sail through the water, partially submerged.

Inspired by Hawk's annual Boom Boom HuckJam Sports Tour, the HuckJam Series Subskate is the actual size of the official Tony Hawk skateboard (32.38 inches long by 8.25 inches wide). The board's speed slick bottom enhances maneuverability and stability in the water. Ideal for new skateboarders and veterans looking to perfect their moves, the HuckJam Series Subskate will turn any pool into a Boom Boom HuckJam event that has plenty of challenge and offers lots of tricks to master. The three HuckJam Series styles feature bold colors and graphics that bring Tony Hawk's pro-skater style from the pavement to the pool.

This new take on water play features the added bonus of Tony Hawk, skateboarding legend. The HuckJam Subskate's fresh designs bring the legend right to kids' backyards. Tony Hawk fans will love getting their hands, and feet, on these boards.

Be sure that children are always supervised when playing in the pool.