Tamagotchi Music Star

from Bandai America


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Tamagotchi was the original virtual pet, creating a whole new category in the toy business. Over the years, many different toys in this category have come-and gone. Yet Tamagotchi still attracts ardent fans year after year. Bandai continues to innovate with the product and has been at the forefront of introducing new features as technology has allowed, from infrared interaction to online integration at TamaTown.com. The latest introduction is the first to introduce a new theme to the product-Tamagotchi Music Star. The play pattern features a musical theme. Rather than just raising an ordinary pet, kids are nurturing a pop star! As their characters grow, kids choose from more than 20 different instruments for the characters to play. Just like in the real world, the more kids play and practice, the more proficient the character becomes as a "teenager." Plus, kids will actually influence the adult character's musical tastes. Still in the original egg-shaped toy, there's even more interactive play. As the character gets older, it can meet and interact with other characters, rehearse, audition and go down that road to ultimate stardom. The level of sophistication is remarkable, and it includes such features as an ability to store a list of up to 45 friends with whom they can play games, trade gifts and more. Quite a lot to fit in one little toy, but part of the magic for kids has always been the size. Oh, and consistent with the music theme, the toy comes with a real guitar pick that has a code to unlock unique stuff on the TamaTown.com site.