LEGO Ultra Agents Infearno Interception

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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The LEGO Ultra Agents: Infearno Interception is a 313-piece set that builds the Ultra Agent's Convertible Hover Car from LEGO's Ultra Agents line of toys. The set also comes with the two minifigures of Infearno and Agent Solomon Blaze. Both figures come with weapons and Infearno comes with a Flaming hover board. The convertible car features an opening cockpit, missile shooters, ejector seat, and wheels that fold for hover mode.

Is It Fun?

The Ultra Agent line revolves around villains with disaster-based themes, and the Ultra Agents are the team out to stop them. Kids can imagine all sorts of action scenarios and stories with this set thanks to the multiple figures and accessories.

Who It’s For

This set is intended for kids, ages 8-14, but we think slightly younger kids, around age 7, will enjoy it also. Younger LEGO builders may need some help building the set.

What To Be Aware Of

The directions are excellent and took our Master Builder 40 minutes to build. It will probably take the average builder around 1.5 hours to build.