LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The LEGO Star Wars: Imperial Star Destroyer is a massive, 1,359-piece set that builds an Imperial Star Destroyer from the original trilogy movies. The set comes with six minifigures including Darth Vader, two Stormtroopers, an Imperial Officer, Imperial crew member, and Imperial navy trooper. There are also two new, unique figures-the Emperor Palpatine Hologram and a Mouse Droid. The impressive looking exterior of the Star Destroyer has eight synchronized cannons that can be turned with levers, two spring-loaded missiles, a rear hatch with storage for extra missiles and a handle for lifting the entire ship. The top section of the main structure can be removed and the entire ship opens up to reveal tons of little details and features inside. There are control panels and swiveling chairs for the crew, a weapons rack, blue tactical screen, long bridge walkway, and the Emperor Palpatine hologram platform.

Is It Fun?

The details, features, and figures let kids, and adult Star Wars fans, act out scenes from the Star Wars movies or come up with their own Imperial scenarios.

Who It’s For

This set is intended for kids ages 9 to 14, but we think it is a must have for LEGO Star Wars fans of all ages, including adult collectors.

What To Be Aware Of

The completed set is over 19-inches long, 12-inches wide, and 7-inches high. Building the set took our Master Builder three hours and 15 minutes but most people will probably need at least four to complete. The directions are excellent and separated into three books, which makes the large build more manageable. This set includes a poster in the box with an image of the LEGO Star Destroyer on one side and Star Wars minifigures on the other.