Scholastic Math Dry Erase Activity Set

from Tara Toy


  • Starring Jules (Third Grade Debut)
  • The Scarecrows' Wedding
  • Scholastic Rhyming Bingo
  • Scholastic Money Bingo
  • Scholastic Telling Time Bingo
  • Scholastic Sight Words Bingo
  • Scholastic Alphabet Sequencing Puzzle
  • Scholastic Math Gumball Game
  • Scholastic Alphabet Cookie Game
  • Scholastic Sight Words Popcorn Game


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What It Is

The Scholastic Math Dry Erase Activity Set from Tara Toy helps kids practice their basic addition and subtraction with this dry-erase board with marker and flash cards. The set is made to tackle multiple concepts broken down into three levels, depending on your child's level. Start by selecting two random flash cards, which are numbered 1-20, and have your child write in those numbers on the indicated lines to practice addition and subtraction. Kids can also practice their counting skills by flipping over the flashcards and counting the symbols on the backs, such as three robots or eight kites.

In level two, kids can choose a math flashcard and practice writing addition and subtraction problems across one line, then solve the equation.

In level three, once a child feels comfortable and has practiced with the flashcards enough times, he/she can also use the board to solve their own equations.

Is It Fun?

Dry-erase boards are a great low-tech option for teaching and learning that encourages repetition to help a child hone in on a concept, such as basic addition and subtraction. We like that this board features the lines to write on and different levels to work through.

Who It’s For

The Scholastic Math Dry Erase Activity Set is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

No erasers are included.