Scholastic Math Gumball Game

from Tara Toy


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What It Is

The Scholastic Math Gumball Game uses 96 gumball-shaped playing pieces to help kids build basic addition and subtraction skills. There are 43 addition and 43 subtraction problems in the game. Players take turns reaching into the resealable foil bag package and drawing one gumball playing piece. In order to keep the gumball, a player must correctly solve the math problem. If you don't answer correctly, set that piece aside, and it's the next player's turn. If you draw a bitten gumball piece, you lose all the gumballs you've collected. Once all the pieces have been played, the game is over, and the player with the most gumballs wins.

Is It Fun?

The Scholastic Math Gumball Game is a cute way to get kids engaged in math. The colorful gumball pieces make this really fun to play with, making practicing math really fun, too.

Who It’s For

The Scholastic Math Gumball Game is for ages 3-7.

What To Be Aware Of

The game instructions don't specify how many players you need to play, but we think two or more players would suffice.

This game is available at Walmart and Toys "R" Us.