Pokemon Fossil Restoration Station

from Jakks Pacific

Product Information

What It Is

Pokémon remains a huge phenomenon, and the creative toy lines for 2009 offer great play, price and versatility-as well as new and favorite characters. Whether you're looking for plush characters, cool Pokéballs or other items, Pokémon continues to engage kids, while delivering strong play that incorporates essential skills, like collecting, categorizing, hierarchy management and much more. However, for kids, it's all about the fun!

As any kid knows, Pokémon can be found in many different environments. Sometimes they're air or water Pokémon-and sometimes you have to excavate to find them.

This playset captures the latter activity that lets kids "dig" for Pokémon and then put them into the "regeneration chamber" to transform the fossil into a Pokémon. This is great open-ended play that allows kids to imagine and create narrative around these favorite characters.


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