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Product Information

  • Screature from Mattel
  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up

What It Is

Taking a major leap forward in sophisticated robotics, Screature is a high tech dino that delivers tons of play for a very reasonable price. The sophisticated robotics and built-in sensors create a critter with a penchant for snapping-and only the toughest and most creative kids can tame him. But reach for his nose and you'll send him snapping! And if you happen to make it past his chomping jaws, you may be in for a surprise attack! Hold his nose down for a few seconds and Screature goes into guard mode, ready to protect his owner and his prized possessions. Come close, and his colorful wings will fan out as he spits water at his enemies in an attempt to scare them off! This is classic boys play that combines challenge, surprise and the ever-popular attack that will have kids engaged for hours


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