SuperME Ninja Cape Lunch Bag

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  • SuperME Ninja Cape Lunch Bag
  • SuperME Cape Backpack


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What It Is

The SuperME Ninja Cape Lunch Bag is a themed lunch bag that comes with a superhero cape that can be tucked in or let out to mark your superhero status. The cape can also be used as a placemat for your food. The lunch bag can also be personalized with your child's name or superhero persona. The insulation of the bag is surprisingly good even though it doesn't have a zipper on the top. We put in a cold water bottle from the fridge, and it was still cold a few hours later without an ice pack.

Is It Fun?

The novelty of this lunch bag is cute, and preschool-aged kids will certainly love the cape and ninja status.

Who It’s For

The SuperME Ninja Cape Lunch Bag is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Coordinating backpacks are also available and sold separately.