BOOMco. Smart Stick Targets

from Mattel


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  • BOOMco. Halo Covenant Needler Blaster
  • BOOMco. Whipblast
  • BOOMco. Slamblast
  • BOOMco. Railstinger
  • BOOMco. Mad Slammer
  • BOOMco. Rapid Reload System
  • BOOMco. Stealth Ambush Blaster
  • BOOMco. Twisted Spinner Blaster
  • BOOMco. Smart Stick Targets


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

BOOMco. Smart Stick Targets is a pack of five sticky-backed targets for use with Mattel's BOOMco. blasters. The darts from the blasters stick to the targets. Each pack offers a variety of five designs in two sizes. There are two nine-inch targets and three six-inch targets. Place the targets at different heights and locations for an added challenge.

Is It Fun?

Because there are many different target designs, this refill pack of targets offers some collectibility for BOOMco. fans. It also gives kids the chance to create their own custom battle zone and have diverse target practice options.

Who It’s For

BOOMco. Smart Stick Targets are for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Even though these targets have a sticky backing, the instructions say not to stick them to furniture and walls because removing the targets can also remove paint. So where can you stick them, then? We recommend sticking them to a basement wall or leaving the backing on and adhering them to a wall using painter's tape.