DC Comics Batman Steel Shield Superman

from Mattel


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What It Is

Mattel's DC Comics Batman action figures line includes four-inch action figures of several different Batmans plus Robin, villains, and even Superman and The Flash. Steel Shield Superman carries a mega shield that can also split into a shield and hammer. The comic on the back of the box shows Superman trying to destroy a missile-launching satellite that is, unfortunately, made of Kryptonite.

Is It Fun?

This action figure allows kids to play with a favorite superhero in a new way. The two-in-one accessory offers multiple play possibilities, and the comic on the back of the box serves as inspiration for kids' superhero play.

Who It’s For

Steel Shield Superman is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional action figures include Speed Strike The Flash, Slapstick Smack The Joker, Tech Glider Robin, Batarang Claw Batman, Action Wing Batman, and Electro-Net Batman. Each is sold separately.